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The COVID-19 workplace not only increases physical but also social distance. In pre-pandemic times it was still pretty easy to find ways of sharing ideas or giving feedback within your organization, but today you may well be feeling a bit more inhibited. Because of the massive working from home, there is a risk you are not letting your voice be heard spontaneously. Informal coffee breaks are gone, making it more difficult to openly discuss decisions made by your manager or coworkers. So you prefer to keep quiet, even if you do not agree.

Project partners Jobat, SD Worx
Duration June 01, 2021 - December 31, 2023
Contact person Peggy De Prins, PhD

Take silent resistance seriously

Even in post-corona times, measuring and feeling the ‘real’ workplace temperature will prove to be quite a challenge. Working from home will increasingly become the new normal. As a result, silence will be able to thrive more than ever as a means of individual resistance within work relationships or as a strategy to avoid difficult virtual conversations. A culture of silence tends to reinforce itself. All the more reason nót to ignore the issue of silence. Thus, it is key to timely uncover silence as a strategy with your coworkers or team members and to take silent resistance seriously.

Participation Barometer

Through the Participation Barometer, we want to find out more about the relationship between employees and employers. Do they assess today’s social climate as being cooperative, and to what extent? Are they sufficiently able to make their voice be heard? When and why is it difficult to engage in conversation with managers? Based on the answers to these questions, we will develop practical recommendations.

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Peggy de prins phd

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Function Academic director Master in Strategic Human Resource Management, researcher ‘Next Generation Work'
Peggy de prins phd

A question about this project?