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Human Resources Management

Human Resources Management - Program

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The program combines courses from 3 People and Organization perspectives: (1) context, visions and strategies, (2) practices and (3) skills. In turn, these perspectives have an impact on the outcomes, in particular both (1) happy, healthy & productive employees and (2) agile, healthy & sustainable organizations.

The program starts from a global mindset, but always translates it into one or more local contexts. Think global, act local is a recurring learning principle.

1. Curriculum

This program combines rigor (research-based, state-of-the-art knowledge) and relevance. The link with the HR and OD practice is closely monitored thanks to the input of several guest lecturers from practitioners and/or the business (beyond academic) background of our faculty.

  • Organizational Development Fundamentals
  • HRM Fundamentals
  • HR Practices: Talent Acquisition
  • HR Practices: Talent & Career Development
  • Labour Relation Management
  • Organizational Development Practices
  • Financial Management
  • International HRM
  • Strategic HRM & Business Partnering
  • Business Challenges & Innovation Labs
  • Global Leadership Skills
  • Elective
  • HR Consulting Bootcamp
  • Master Project

2. Electives

All master’s programs offer elective weeks. Electives this year are all about learning to...

… deal with the impact of new technologies

  • Digital Transformation

… thrive in a global world

  • From Local to Global

… lead and manage others

  • Human Capital Management and Leadership

… solve complex problems

  • Crisis Management
  • Capital Budgeting and Finance

… think about new ways to create & capture value

  • Business model Innovation
  • Technology and Innovation

… electives Master in Finance– open for everyone

  • Real Estate Finance
  • Programming in R

By adding one of these general and hot management courses, students can give their AMS journey a personal touch!

3. HR Consulting Skills Bootcamp

The aim of this Consulting Skills Bootcamp is submerging the MHRM students in a “consultancy” mindset for 4 days. It is centered on consulting and commercial management skills. This seminar also reinforces the (chance to a) subsequent influx of students into the labor market as (internal/external) consultants.

4. Master Project (in-company project)

During the consulting assignment, you will be put to work as a junior consultant for eight weeks to solve a current HR business case of a start-up, SME or multinational. This consulting assignment is the icing on the cake of the Master in HRM, seeing as the hands-on advising role builds a bridge to the practice.

5. Global Leadership Skills

At AMS you embark on a personal development journey through which you will grow as a person and future leader. With the Global Leadership Skills track, we challenge and coach you to become more aware of who you are, how you cooperate with others, and what kind of career you want to pursue.

Throughout this journey, we will focus on these three levels of learning by working with a mixture of exercises, self-analysis instruments, moments of reflection, individual follow-up, collective sessions and peer coaching. We will offer you relevant frameworks that help you understand who you are and how you relate to others. We will support you in understanding your strengths and needs, and defining your areas for growth. We will challenge you in developing a personal leadership claim that entails a global and sustainable perspective.

Global Leadership Skills development is more than a ‘nice to have’, it is a basic prerequisite for career success and recruiters will be assessing this when you apply for a job. Today’s employers are looking for an impressive set of soft skills when selecting young graduates. These include: self-awareness, the ability to work collaboratively with others, leadership skills, the capacity to adapt to new situations and to develop new skills, openness to and respect for different perspectives, multicultural awareness, and long-term and system thinking, to name just a few. This course aims to support you in developing these skills and in finding a match between who you are and what the world of employment needs; between your career ambitions and what employers are looking for.

6. Company partnerships

We collaborate successfully with companies such as Accenture, BMW, Crossbridge, Deloitte, Desco, Dixon & Company, Hays, Hudson, Ikea, LeasePlan, Page, PwC, Top Employers Institute, UZA,…

7. Faculty

Function Academic Director Master in HRM & Research ‘Next Generation Work'
Function SD Worx Chair Next Generation Work: Creating Sustainable Careers
Function Academic Director Financial Management Programs
Function Faculty The Future Leadership Initiative
Function Senior Researcher - Lecturer HRM & Creative Industries
Function Professor Organization Development Fundamentals
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A question about this program?