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It takes a network to develop networked leadership in organizations.
Buy a knowledge share and get inspiration, connection and energy.”

Reinventing leadership for better organizations is a challenge and often a lonely one. We create a platform to share and support this effort. The platform allows you to exchange ideas and questions with peers with similar challenges and get energy in exclusive workshops so that you, in turn, can inspire your leaders.

Program on an annual basis

  • 4 Labs: substansive, ‘high touch’, for leadership’professionals’ in organizations
  • 2 Leader dialogues: exclusive meetings between top-tier leaders concerning actual leadership issues
  • 1 Leader Gathering for top-tier leaders, leader professionals and their ‘backing’

Current shareholders:

For organizations that want/need:

  •  To explore shared and authentic leadership
  •  To advance ways of effective collaboration
  •  Empowerment at all levels in the organization

Topics: self-leadership, shared leadership in teams, CEO’s and network leadership, authentic leadership, viral change, leadership development, vulnerability, adult development, self-organization, leading from the middle, start to lead…



Thursday 21/02 (9 am to 1 pm)

Lab “Effectively going for charismatic leadership”
Prof. Dr. Joeri Hofmans (VUB)

Charismatic leadership is high on every company’s agenda, driven by a need for inspiration and change. With our guest speaker, we look into the research around this theme and the practical consequences for leadership development.

Tuesday 07/05 (9 am to 1 pm)

Lab “Leadership of networks”
Drs. Steven Van den Oord (AMS)

What exactly is a network and how can you lead a network or develop network leadership? Steven finishes his doctorate on organizational networks and sheds some light.

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Thursday 04/07 Mini-leader gathering – maxi share & & learn
Tuesday 17/09 (9 am to 1 pm)

Lab “Leadership & gender: myths, facts & implications for leadership development”
Prof. Dr. Bart Wille (Ugent)

What does science know about ‘gender’ & leadership? We discuss the myths, facts and implications for leadership development.

October Leader dialogue
Friday 07/11 (9 am to 1 pm)

Lab “Teams & employees’ pro-self behavior””
Prof. Dr. Carolyn Declerck (UA)

Carolyn Declerck investigates the impact of status, power, pro-self behavior on collaboration. Especially relevant in these times of self-organizing teams & diffuse organizational structures.

Current participants: AgO, AMS, Colruyt Group, Floré Groep, Fluvius, Infrabel, Johson & Johnson, Kind & Gezin, KU Leuven, Partena Ziekenfonds & partners, Port of Antwerp, Thomas More, UZ Gent.

Target audience

Internal organization developers
Leadership development practitioners
Leadership ambassadors


3000 Euro – 30% reduction for multiple people or years and not-for-profit organizations.

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