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Vision of the knowledge community

It is our ambition to build a community in Flanders for family businesses that are willing to question the status quo and are ready to reinvent themselves in order to prepare the family business for the next 25 years.

Mission of the knowledge community

Our Family Business Community addresses family businesses and their leaders of today and tomorrow. Through training, activities, and research we offer an ideal mix of practical insights, scientific expertise and individual coaching. Because it is driven by a renowned business school, it guarantees a high quality professional support to its members.

Main activities

  • Training tailored to your needs as a family business
  • Workshops and interactive sessions where knowledge and experience is shared
  • Lectures and events, in-house and on location
  • Creation of knowledge based on publications and research commissioned by companies, organizations and the government

Create value with us


Family businesses – whatever their size – can join our community based on a membership. You can choose between two formulas: a silver or a golden membership. It grants access to our platform within which expertise and stories are shared which will inspire family businesses to continue building and developing their business.

Read here which membership applies to you


Our target audience

  • Family businesses, whatever their size is.
  • The leaders of tomorrow: family and non-family members who will be active in the future as a leader, director, or business owner.
  • The leaders of today: the current manager or CEO



Family Succession for Family Businesses

Do you want to prepare your family business for the future? This program deals with the transfer processes and the human, strategic, financial, fiscal and juridical aspects accompanying them.

Start: April 26 2017
Duration: Short 1-15 days
Language: Dutch


Online assessment tool

Antwerp Management School developed an assessment tool in collaboration with UNIZO and with the support of the Agency of innovation and entrepreneurship.

With this free tool you can make an estimation of the value of your company or of a company that you’re looking to take over.


Alexander Bergfeld
Onderzoeker Kennisnetwerk Familiebedrijven (München Business School)

Eddy Laveren
Professor Financial Management & Entrepreneurship

Fernand Vermeulen
Manager coaching and innovation @ Boss Paints

Johannes Ritz
Researcher Knowledge Community Family Business (München Business School)

Kirsten Coeck
Family business advisor @ Familymind

Koen Marichal
Leadership Development / co-Director TFLI

Omar Mohout
technology author and advisor

Vincent Molly
Professor Family Business


Knowledge partner

Supporting partners
logo bank delen 
logo daoust 
logo Linklaters 
Academic research network
  • Babson College, Boston (coördinator STEP projecAlba Graduate School of Business, Greece
  • ESADE, Barcelona, Spain: Alberto Gimeno
  • HEC, Paris, France
  • Jönköping International Business School, Jönköping, Sweden: Leif Melin, Ethel Brundin, Matias Nordqvist
  • Lancaster University, Lancaster, England: Carole Howorth
  • UCD, Dublin, Ireland
  • Universita Bocconi, Milan, Italy: Carlo Salvato
  • University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland: Peter Rosa
  • University of Jyväskylä, Jyväskylä, Finland
  • Universität St. Gallen, St. Gallen, Switzerland: Thomas Zellweger en Philipp Sieger
  • Universität Witten/ Herdecke, Witten, Germany: Arist van Schlippe
Cocreation network

There is a cooperation with a series of intermediary organizations, a.o. Agentschap Ondernemen, FIT, Unizo, VOKA, VKW, IFERA, FFI, EIASM

Brochure Family Succession for Family Business

Download the Family Succession for Family Business brochure and discover its extensive curriculum.



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