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Maritime and Air Transport Management

Maritime and Air Transport Management


1. Curriculum

First Semester

In the first semester you will participate in the compulsory courses (9 ECTS-credits) and choose between the options Management Fundamentals and Research Fundamentals (33 ECTS-credits).

Management Fundamentals

The option Management Fundamentals is designed for students who want to upgrade their knowledge and abilities in transport business and economics. It mainly prepares you for a management career in the maritime or air transport sector.

Core courses:

Transport Business Economics and Policy

Technology and Innovation

Global Leadership Skills

Advanced Managerial Economics

Business Environment

Capital Budgeting and Financing

Project Methodology

Master’s Dissertation in Transport Management

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Research Fundamentals

The option Research Fundamentals offers you a more methodological and quantitative training. You will receive an excellent preparation for a career in for example consulting, policy or research in the maritime or air transport sector. Moreover, this option can lay the groundwork for further academic pursuits such as a PhD.

Core courses:

Transport Business Economics and Policy

Global Leadership Skills

Research Methodology

Advanced Industrial Economics

Welfare Economics

Transport Modelling

Master’s Dissertation in Transport Research

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Second Semester

In the second semester, you will make a choice between a major in Air Transport or Maritime Transport. In this way, you can even more tailor your program to your specific interests and background. Take a look at the electives to see which courses are part of each major.

2. Majors

Major Maritime Transport

Port Economics and Business

Maritime Economics and Business

Maritime Supply Chains

Major Air Transport

Air Transport Economics and Business

Airport Management

Air Transport Pricing Strategies

3. Global Leadership Skills

At AMS you embark on a personal development journey through which you will grow as a person and future leader. With the Global Leadership Skills track, we challenge and coach you to become more aware of who you are, how you cooperate with others, and what kind of career you want to pursue.

Throughout this journey, we will focus on these three levels of learning by working with a mixture of exercises, self-analysis instruments, moments of reflection, individual follow-up, collective sessions and peer coaching. We will offer you relevant frameworks that help you understand who you are and how you relate to others. We will support you in understanding your strengths and needs, and defining your areas for growth. We will challenge you in developing a personal leadership claim that entails a global and sustainable perspective.

Global Leadership Skills development is more than a ‘nice to have’, it is a basic prerequisite for career success and recruiters will be assessing this when you apply for a job. Today’s employers are looking for an impressive set of soft skills when selecting young graduates. These include: self-awareness, the ability to work collaboratively with others, leadership skills, the capacity to adapt to new situations and to develop new skills, openness to and respect for different perspectives, multicultural awareness, and long-term and system thinking, to name just a few. This course aims to support you in developing these skills and in finding a match between who you are and what the world of employment needs; between your career ambitions and what employers are looking for.

4. AMS bootcamp

Once you’ve registered for this program, you can register for our AMS bootcamp, which will be organized the week before the start of your program. You can expect courses in academic writing, professional English, business research methods and financial management. This summer school is not mandatory, but highly recommended. Not only do we offer you courses of academic rigor, we also offer you a trip to one of Belgium’s oldest cities Bruges, and of course it is an ideal opportunity to get to know your fellow students.


A question about this program?

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A question about this program?