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The Business Design & Innovation topic keeps you informed about current trends in strategic innovation, entrepreneurship and the creation of new business models. Our programs help to ensure that innovation through design can blossom in your organization. Tailor-made advice, inspiring speakers and courses will get you on your way.


Master Class Business Design Thinking

One of the most important aspects of Design Thinking is the centralization of customers. But we go further: learn and dare to innovate in complex situations by applying Design Thinking in your company.

Start date: 01/03/2018
Duration: Short 1-15 days
Language: Dutch

Master Class Exponential Thinking

This program will be an immersion in exponential thinking, focusing particularly on leadership style and organization. The program will also be illustrated with case stories from disruptive companies. We will work with these pioneers and learn how to apply exponential thinking in real life.

Start date: 30/05/2017
Duration: Short 1-15 days
Language: English

Growth management for SMEs with ambition

For many SMEs, ‘growth’ is not an unambiguous element. How can my enterprise grow in a sustainable way? How do I understand this growth, so that it is manageable? How do I handle possible growing pains?

Start date: Different dates and locations
Duration: Short 1-15 days
Language: Dutch


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The Expertise Center Business Design & Innovation develops competencies and tools for product and service development, design and design management for B2C and B2B businesses in a variety of sectors. Through scientific and applied research, the knowledge platform supports businesses in a variety of sectors in their search for new business models. On top of that, the knowledge and competencies will help businesses gear their innovation towards different technological, economic and societal trends.

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