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General Management is Antwerp Management School’s core business par excellence. We examine the typical management issues you will encounter in your business and strive to inspire you to contribute positively to any future developments in your organization.


China-Europe Business

The 'Master in Global Management: China-Europe Business' is a 12-month full-time Masters program that will give you the opportunity to live and study both in Belgium and China.

Start date: 26/08/2019
Duration: Long: 1 year (full-time masters)
Language: English


Want to enter the corporate world but are not yet ready for the competitive job market? Our Master in Management will get you ready in no time.

Start date: 26/08/2019
Duration: Long: 1 year (full-time masters)
Language: Dutch

Executive PhD Program

Our Executive PhD Program has a major impact on participants professional development.

Start date: October 2019
Duration: Long: 4 years (part-time executive PhD)
Language: English

Executive MBA

Our Executive MBA is an outstanding leader in its field. Discover why we're ranked N° 1 International EMBA in the Benelux and why we have the highest custumor satisfaction rate.

Start date: 02/10/2019
Duration: Long: 2 years (part-time executive masters)
Language: English

Business Strategy & Leadership NEW

Discover how you can become a leader who knows how to implement strategy and can successfully turn this strategy into superior results. We take it one step further than the traditional strategic programs.

Start date: December 12, 2019
Duration: Short 1-15 days
Language: English

Global Management

This master provides recent graduates with the knowledge, social skills and right business attitude for an international career.

Start date: 26/08/2019
Duration: Long: 1 year (full-time masters)
Language: English


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