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Function Innovatie Expert
Function Business Innovation Coach
Function Academic Director Creative Industries
Function SD WORX Chair Next Generation Work: Creating Sustainable Careers
Function Vicedecaan & Leerstoel Business Research Methods
Function Academic Director
Function Methodologie, innovatie, impact evaluatie Vlaamse overheid
Function Academic Director Financial Management Programs
Function Leadership, change, team effectiveness
Function PhD, co-academic director of the Masterclass Change Management
Function Senior Learning and Development Advisor
Function Professor Financial Management & Entrepreneurship
Function Managing Director Innovation & Entrepreneurship Labs
Function Academische Directeur Master in Finance
Function Faculty The Future Leadership Initiative
Function Leadership Development
Function Academisch Directeur
Function Researcher Expertise Center Digital Business & IT
Function Director Competence Centers
Function Academische Directeur Master in het Real Estate Management
Function Technologieauteur en -adviseur
Function Professor of Practice in International Negotiations
Function Academic Director van de Master in Global Management
Function Academic Director Master in HRM Competence Center ‘Next Generation Work'
Function Gastprofessor Global Strategy, Governance, Sustainability and Business in the Emerging Markets
Function Design Management Coach
Function Academic Director Business design & Innovation
Function Academic Director Master in Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Function Professor in Strategisch Leiderschap
Function Senior onderzoeker & Lecturer HRM & Creative Industries

Steffi Weil, PhD

China and Global Governance

Function Academic Director China-Europe Business Studies & EPhD
Domein China and Global Governance

Steven De Haes, PhD

Dean of Antwerp Management School

Function Dean of Antwerp Management School
Domein Dean of Antwerp Management School
Function Professor Ondernemerschap & Familiebedrijven
Function Academisch Directeur Kennisnetwerk The Sustainable Transformation Lab
Function Assistant Professor of Strategy & Innovation Ecosystems