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Markus G. Kittler, PhD

Markus G. Kittler, PhD


  • Sustainable entrepreneurship
  • Intercultural studies
  • Cross-Cultural Communication


  • Executive PhD program

Markus current research interest is work contributing to resolve grand challenges (e.g. sustainable entrepreneurship and challenges to health care management). Existing work regarding research and knowledge exchange can be localized in the field of Intercultural Studies and related controversies. This is also reflected in his PhD on Understanding Misunderstanding in Cross-Cultural Communication which was acknowledged with the “Neil Hood and Stephen Young Prize for the Most Original New Work” at the Academy of International Business (UK and Ireland chapter) conference in Glasgow 2009 among 42 doctoral projects competing for this award. However, this is a non-exclusive focus. For instance, a successful funding application for collaboration in NHS Community Mental Health teams indicates that the availability of funding or the discovery of interesting projects allow for flexibility within his research agenda.

Markus received the supervisor of the year award at the University of Stirling for his successful supervision of PhD students. He acts as a reviewer for a variety of journals (e.g. JoM, JIBS, MIR, CCM, NTWE, EJWOP), publisher (e.g. OUP) and for key conferences in his field. In 2012 he was awarded “Best Reviewer” for the journal “Cross Cultural Management”. He also acted as a reviewer for the ESRC. In 2009 he was recognized as a Fellow (FHEA) at the Higher Education Academy. Currently he is awarded funds to submit his application for accreditation as Senior Fellow (SFHEA).


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