Ivan Van de Cloot

Ivan Van de Cloot


  • Executive Professor


  • Macroeconomics

Ivan Van de Cloot studied economics at University of Antwerp and was appointed as research assistant in the field of public finances afterwards. Ensuing, he contributed as a consultant to the preparations of the liberalization of electricity and gas in Belgium. Next, he got a position as economist at the research department of BBL/ING Belgium. Besides analysis of the economic climate, he focused mainly on the structural characteristics of the Belgian economy. He wrote about pensions, the liberalization of the railroad traffic, the economic aspects of migration, entrepreneurship and healthcare.

As a commentator of financial and economic events, he frequently appears in the written and audiovisual media. He also has a column in "de Tijd" and "de Morgen". Since 2008 he coordinates the research at the Itinera Institute together with academics of different universities. He also presents a lot of lectures in Belgium and abroad. Ivan Van de Cloot was visiting professor Economics at Hogeschool-Universiteit Brussel between 2009 and 2012. There he instructed the English course Macroeconomics in the continued program Master of International Business Economics and Management. Since November 2014 is Ivan Van de Cloot Executive Professor at Antwerp Management School.