Patrik Vervinckt


  • Social Relations
  • Negotiating with Unions
  • Managing Staff Costs
  • Absenteeism
  • Staff Engagement
  • Performance Management
  • HRM
  • Business Strategy


  • Full-time Master in Global Management
  • Full-time Master in Global Supply Chain Management

After obtaining his PhD, Patrick Vervinckt the left the academic world and started a carreer in the HR-department of the nr. 1 Belgian bank. After 10 years of HR management in different positions (Head of Interns, Head of Recruitment) he became responsible for a bank – at first for a single bank office, later on as head of an entire region, managing groups of over 200 members of personnel and managing a balance and P&L account. Another ten years later he finally returned to HR, after which he became responsible for things such as the payroll, personnel costs, and social relations. He was also Head of HR for all supportive functions for 3 years, leading an HR team of over 25 people and serving over 10.000 employees and managers across the globe.

Today he is HR consultant to a number of organisations. His specialties are HRM as a source of competitive advantage, management of social relations, personnel costs, personnel engagement and generation Y, motivation and performance management, successionmanagement and personnel costs management.