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Régis Lemmens, PhD
Régis Lemmens

Régis Lemmens, PhD

Function Professor sales and marketing


  • Marketing strategies
  • Sales strategies
  • Selling and cocreating
  • Entrepreneurial selling

Régis Lemmens teaches sales and marketing at the Antwerp Management School (BE), the Solvay Business School (BE), Tias Business School (NL), and Cranfield University (UK). He is also a sales strategy consultant and works with organisations such as BNP Paribas Fortis, Bekaert, AG Insurance, Barco, Pfizer and many more.

Régis believes that the role of salespeople is to co-create value with their customers rather than sell value to their customers. This came from a research project he started in 2009 with the Tias Business School and the Sales Management Association in the Netherlands entitled the ‘Future of Sales’ which led to the publication of a book entitled ‘From Selling to Co-Creating’, a Tedx conference entitled ‘Sales 2020’, and a publication in the Harvard Business Review in Poland entitled ‘Entrepreneurial Selling’.

In addition to his teaching and consulting activities, he also coaches start-ups and scale-ups in Belgium in collaboration with institutions such as Hub.Brussels, Pulse Foundation, and StartLab.be.

He is also the author of several sales books entitled, ‘Handbook of Strategic Account Management’ and ‘'Sales Management, Strategy Process and Practice, Fourth Edition’.

Régis holds a Master’s in Science Degree from the Southbank University (UK), a master’s in business administration degree from the Surrey University (UK) and Ph.D. in Sales from the Robert Gordon University (UK).